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In the next few minutes I will tell you why and how 3in7 will help you. But first I want to know who Stan Thompson is. He is the owner of Topsurfer.com, TopSurfer is an advertising portal with over 50,000 registered members. TopSurfer is a 5 year old company and has become a very high ranked site for advertising.

As the webmaster of TopSurfer he see thousands of websites, But over and over again he keep seeing advertisements for Global Domains International (or GDI). After seeing them over and over again, He finally looked into GDI and decided he was crazy if he didn't join them and use the awesome resources that he already had with TopSurfer to advertise them. With the knowledge and capabilities that he had he could really be successful with GDI.

However for him to be successful with GDI, the people that he refer had to be successful as well, otherwise they would give up before GDI's 7 day free trial was even over. So with careful consideration he put together this website called 3in7.com. 3in7 allows anyone who signed up anywhere under him to get 2 great things:

First of all, you get at least 3 people put in your downline at GDI.

Second of all, the people in your downline will be able to have at least 3 people put under them as well and the people under them and so on and so on (all for FREE).

These 2 things may sound the same but they are different. The first is a downline for you the second gives you leverage by securing that your downline will stick with it. If they have an instant downline themselves, then they will not want to give it up.

Now how will he accomplish this great task, of filling everyones downlines?

First, through mass advertising! Remember he owns TopSurfer.com which is an advertising portal. He also owns several other sites with them and other advertising he can keep people flooding into 3in7.com.

The Second thing is you would have a great tool. Because after you complete the steps to signup for 3in7.com you will be given a link that will allow you to refer people to 3in7 and they will also get this same guarantee; that they will receive 3 people in their GDI downline in 7 days. The best part is that you don't have to back the guarantee , He will!

Joining 3in7 is completely FREE and you get 7 days FREE TRIAL at GDI.

If he does not put at least 3 people in you GDI downline 3in7 will reimburse you for your first months GDI fees of $10.00 US.

That is one of the awesome thing that makes GDI so appealing is that it only costs $10.00 a month.

If your ready to get start click on the banner below!

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